Halloween the Marc Jacobs Way

Posted by Meghan
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Ashley Olsen as Marie Antoinette and Marc Jacobs as a cheerleader at Kate Hudson's Halloween Party, Los Angeles, 2007.

With Halloween mere days away, some people might be scrambling around for last minute costumes. If you’re feeling uninspired and are willing to spend a princely sum on an elaborate costume this Halloween, look no further than to Marc Jacobs for some costume inspiration. Marc Jacobs loves to throw together a good costume for whatever the occasion or holiday. His annual company Christmas party isn’t your typical holiday fare of eggnog, mistletoe and secret Santa––every year boasts a new theme and it almost never has anything to do with Christmas. Marc’s parties stop nowhere short of excess, and he’s always wearing some unbearably clever costume and an impish grin. Highlights include his 2005 “Wild West” themed party where he went as Wilbur from “Charlotte’s Web” and his 2006 “Carnival in Venice” themed party which he showed up as a Venetian pigeon. If you’re looking for something a little less elaborate, his 2011 Halloween costume as a Kit Kat dancer from “Cabaret” is especially memorable. Or, you could throw on a speedo and a Louis Vuitton towel and go as Marc himself for Halloween. The options are endless.

(L) Marc Jacobs as a Polar Bear at his White and Silver themed Christmas costume party, 2003. (M) Marc Jacobs and Dita von Teese at his Red and Gold themed Christmas costume party, 2004. (R) Marc Jacobs as Wilbur from Charlotte's Web and Naomi Campbell as a cowgirl at his Wild West themed Christmas costume party, 2005.


(L) Marc Jacobs as a Venetian Pigeon with Robert Duffy at Marc Jacobs' Venetian Carnival themed Christmas costume party, 2006. (M-R) Marc Jacobs at his Arabian Nights Christmas costume party, 2007.


(L) Marc Jacobs and Lorenzo Martone at Allison Sarofim's 80s themed Halloween party, 2009. (M) Marc Jacobs as a She Devil at Jane's Hotel, New York, 2010. (R) Marc Jacobs as a Kit Kat dancer from Cabaret, The Boom Boom Room, New York, 2011.

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