Brian Atwood F/W 2014 & Shrimpton Couture

Posted by Cherie
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Yesterday Brian posted the photo above from his Fall 2014 Look Book and I instantly recognized the skirt as being part of the circa 1980, Yves Saint Laurent silk taffeta ensemble, sourced by me and now residing in his archives. Brian has an expansive collection of some of the best vintage couture on the planet and I am proud to tell you that my finds have contributed to a rack or two of it.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am as addicted to shoes as I am to vintage. I can't think of a better pairing then Brian Atwood and vintage couture. So I decided to share his entire lookbook taken directly from his website. If you are a true die hard vintage fan you will probably spot another peek of a vintage piece or two in the photos. If only to be able to see the outtakes from this shoot!

I am thrilled beyond belief to have played even a tiny part in Brian's continued success. He is one of the sweetest men in fashion and definitely one of the most handsome to boot. Oh and his shoes? The shoes are heaven!

All photos courtesy Brian Atwood

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