Andy Warhol's L'Amour

Posted by Meghan
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In a rare stroke of luck, I unearthed some especially interesting videos from YouTube from the 1973 movie “Andy Warhol’s L’amour.” Written and directed by Paul Morrissey and Andy Warhol, it was conceived as Warhol’s first commercial cinema venture, though the film still remains in relative obscurity today. The whole thing was filmed in Paris in 1970 with a leading cast that included some of the city’s favourite expatriates, including Donna Jordan, Jane Forth, Karl Lagerfeld, Patti D’Arbanville and burgeoning actor of Italian cinema, Max Delys. The script was developed with Donna and Jane as the film’s stars––two strange American girls in Paris looking for rich husbands and what ensues is a tangle of hetero and homosexual relationships akin to an overpopulated love triangle. I have yet to see the whole movie since it’s pretty hard to come by, but from what I’ve seen it’s just as bizarre as you would imagine. In one scene, my favorite, Donna Jordan is with her fiancée Michael and his gigolo friend Max at Karl Lagerfeld’s studio in Paris. Michael offers to by her whatever she wants if she agrees to wear something more modest for his family at their wedding and the whole store turns into a frenzy of clothing flung far and wide as Donna tries on everything in the store (Karl, the dear friend he is, offers Michael the wholesale price on all the clothes Donna wishes to take home). Even though there was a predetermined script, you get the sense that a lot of the action was improvised and off the cuff. There’s no doubt in my mind that these people were as eccentric as they seem.



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