My Vintage_Vogue Takeover - The Final Day

Posted by Cherie
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Evocative, provocative, erotic, powerful - all words to describe Helmut Newtons work. His woman are often portrayed fully nude and a large majority of his work is not even able to post here in instagram. Some photos have caused great offence. He has been accused of both loving and hating women through his lense and you never can quite decide which side of that very narrow fence he is truly panted. Each photo tells a story - no a novel. You can get lost in a Newton photograph and there is perhaps no other that is as widely copied as his work.

It is my last day for my one week takeover for the @vintage_vogue imstagram account and I have loved sharing some of my favourites photos! For my very last photo this week here I chose a long time favourite. Jerry Hall is resplendent for Vogue 1974. Every time I see this photo I want to time travel back to the seventies summers and roam across the country in my own silver airstream wearing nothing but wild curls, silver platforms and a different tropical swimsuit every day of the week.

For my second photo on my own instagram timeline @shrimptoncouture I leap ahead to 1980s St Tropez and a more classically Newton black and white photograph that I like to imagine is the evening version of this same “girl” if on her travels she met a man who owns a yacht….. or perhaps acquired one of her own ....one never knows with those Newton women.


Taken for Vogue Paris, February 1975. The dress is Sonia Rykiel and I want my own version of it so bad I can almost taste it!

A bientôt!

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