My Vintage_Vogue Takeover - Day 6

Posted by Cherie
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Ok so I have a confession - even though I decided to showcase seven Vogue photographers this week for my takeover at @vintage_vogue - today’s image, both here and on my feed, started with the model rather then the photographer and then the rest followed.

Who else but Veruschka?

Her otherworldly, almost alien beauty defies what should work and what shouldn’t and yet it always does. She was 6 feet tall in bare feet and was a marvel. She was shot by many photographers but it was the pairing with photographer Franco Rubartelli in the sixties that made magic for me. Add in a hefty dose of Giorgio Sant’ Angelo and throw all three players into the American desert back in 1968 and what you got was Magnificent. Which is is exactly what the editorial this photo is from was called - the “Magnificent Mirage”

Every photo from this editorial has become iconic and each has inspired countless photographers since. Here I show you the most unusual one of all - it doesn’t even show her face or body, nor was it a garment that ever was produced - she is literally swaddled in fabric and fur. In the actual editorial this image appears first and is flipped and given a sepia tone. I prefer this shot where the desert is as strong an element as her. I love it!

On my instagram feed I went with the final image from this same editorial - and it is the complete opposite - there she is in all her long limbed glory, sprawled on the sand like some bikini clad, ancient goddess…..


Long limbed, 6 foot tall Veruschka looks like an ancient nomadic goddess sprawled out on the sand, clad in a bikini, looking wild and beautiful.

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