My Vintage_Vogue Takeover - Day 4

Posted by Cherie
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Antoinette “Toni” Frissell was a female photographer ahead of her time whose work focused on capturing the women of her time, both in fashion and all walks of life.

For day 4 of my one week takeover of the @vintage_vogue instagram, I chose two photographs from one of the first female photographers to work for Vogue starting back in 1931. This was a woman who continued to work and publish under her own name even after her marriage (a move practically unheard of at the time!). Her photos capture the spirit and inner strength of women despite the fact that they were being taken at a time when this were not necessarily attributes to be cherished. It was a testament to both her and to Vogue that her work was used and used regularly.

This is one of my favourites from a 1939 editorial. Model Sydney Kraus is captured in a perfect moment of reflection in a ballerina skirted bathing suit by Jay-Thorpe at Marineland, Florida.

As before, I posted a second image by Frissell on my own instagram feed @shrimptoncouture. I leapt forward to 1947 but stayed with the beach theme. It is also a strong photo for its time yet in a different kind of way…..


It appeared in Harpers Bazaar and I often wonder if it was the inspiration behind the entire Juicy Couture empire - right? To me the two photograph represent an underlying message of the way in which woman’s roles were changing as time marched forward. Until tomorrow...

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