Faye Dunaway for Parco

Posted by Meghan
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What I love about fashion photography and film is that oftentimes the subject of the image has nothing to do with clothes at all but the mood of the image has an enticing and fashionable slant. This happens often in more artistic work like editorials but it’s rarely suited to commercial fashion work where closeups of handbags and shoes abound. In a rare leap of faith, Japanese department store Parco released a commercial in the 80s that’s shockingly simple but also pretty bizarre. Directed by Kazumi Kurigami, the commercial spot is one minute and thirty seconds of Faye Dunaway peeling and eating a hardboiled egg––that’s it. The people at Parco were rather innovative in their commercials at this time (they used Kurigami frequently), though this one is especially brave. It’s unusual length is one thing, but it completely rejects the typical commercial tropes in favor of aligning their brand with an idea or a mood rather than a product. We see a lot more of this kind of advertising today but Parco seems to be one of the pioneers of this style. The way Kurigami and Dunaway together take something so banal and make it incredibly enticing is rather brilliant. When Faye Dunaway gazes into the camera and smirks ever so slightly while enjoying her egg, it’s so clever it’s almost overwhelming. Without once flashing a jewel-clad wrist or a pair of pumps, the commercial is still so incredibly fashionable in its wit and subtlety.

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