My Vintage_Vogue Takeover - Day 3

Posted by Cherie
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For day three of my takeover I turn to one of the Masters of Photography capturing the work of one of the masters of Haute Couture - Irving Penn and Balenciaga.

Penn shot many Balenciaga pieces over the course of his career and I highly encourage you to google to see more. This image is one of my favourites - it captures the otherworldliness, extravagance and sheer drama of Cristobal designs that were so very, very ahead of their times. It was taken for the September issue of Vogue in 1950 so seems even more fitting as a look back as we all devour the September issues of today.

As with my other days I have posted a second image by Penn on my IG feed @shrimptoncouture - the design is also Balenciaga but it flies ahead in time to 2006 - a full 56 years later then the photo above!


Here, I chose to leap forward in time to the March 2006 issue of Vogue. What ties these two together? This too is a photo by Irving Penn and the ensemble is again Balenciaga! Gemma Ward is captured in equal extravagance by Penn and it is astounding that each photo is as good as the other despite a 56 year separation! Until tomorrow...

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