My Vintage_Vogue Takeover - Day 2

Posted by Cherie
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For day two of my @vintage_vogue take-over I am continue on my chosen theme and showcase some of my favourite work each day by photographers whose work has graced the pages of Vogue.

This iconic 1977 photograph took @christiebrinkley “America's Sweetheart / Girl-next-door" image and turned it on it’s ear. Photographer Chris Von Wangenheim image of Christie in anything but innocent. This is a photo instantly recognized and it became representative of late 70s sexy. It was originally run side-by-side with a second image that captured Christie’s long lean leg in the jaws of the Doberman which is equally as iconic. (and I bet you just saw that one in your mind didn’t you? That is how you know something is of icon status when you can see it based on a single sentence’s description!).

From Vogue February 1977, "The Best of The New York Collections - The Mood Has Changed” this editorial also featured photos shot by the legendary Irving Penn. Hair Marc Pipino, Makeup Way Bandy. The white silk “pajama” and metallic heels are Geoffrey Beene and the necklace is Mary McFadden.


On my instagram timeline @shrimptoncouture, I posted my second image by Von Wangenheim. It also appeared in Vogue, but it ran a full year earlier and was for a Dior advertisement. It is fascinating to see the similarities and you have to wonder if they were shot at the same time despite the one year spread between the two publishing dates.

Both photos are iconic and fabulous representatives of the genius of Von Wangenheim.

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