My Vintage_Vogue Takeover Week - Day 1

Posted by Cherie
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This week I am taking over the instagram account of @vintage_vogue and I am so pleased to be posting some of my favourite Vogue images over there for the next seven days. That account has a tremendous following (over 160,000 followers) so it is a real honour to be a part of it! I decided to do a little “theme” and each morning will share one of my favourite photographers whose photos have impacted Vogue readers worldwide over the years. To put a little twist on it, I will be posting a second image by that same photographer each morning on the @shrimptoncouture instagram.

I decided to begin with Guy Bourdin, whose first photograph appeared in French Vogue in 1954. He demanded—and was granted—unprecedented editorial control over his work, often bringing a single photo for submission, a dictatorship unheard of by a photographer. He passed away in 1991 and continues to be a legend and inspiration to countless fashion image-makers.

The image above is for a Bloomingdale's campaign from 1982 and I came across it moments after choosing the photo below for my first day of my take-over. It's not hard to tell know why this had to be one of my duo of images. They could have appeared together with the other despite being taken several years apart. Don’t you agree?

I love the strength and shock of an amazing red vintage ensemble and this photo for French Vogue, March 1976 showcased the designs from Givenchy, Guy Laroche and Angelo Tarlazzi to perfection. It was the perfect choice for Vintage_Vogue!

This could be an advertisement for a couture house operating today and I love that all the pieces shown are still pieces any fabulous girl would covet. The 1982 image could easily have been a part of the same editorial, even though it was taken several years later and for an entirely different purpose. Just another example of why Bourdin's work lives on and resonates with people still!

Watch for a recap of my take-over posts for day 2 tomorrow...


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