Daphne Guinness 'Evening in Space'

Posted by Meghan
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Daphne Guinness is fashion’s favorite eccentric with the sizable Guinness beer fortune to fund her every resplendent whim. In addition to heiress and lover and collector of fashion (including a sizable collection of Alexander McQueen), Daphne Guinness has gone and added musician to her curriculum vitae. Daphne is slated to release her debut album in September of this year—thirteen original tracks produced by Tony Visconti, each song representing a chapter in Ms. Guinness’ life. In anticipation of the album’s debut, SHOWstudio has released the video its first single, “Evening in Space,” directed by David LaChapelle. The video is everything you would expect from Daphne Guinness, a woman who once said she works out in Rick Owens leggings. The words ‘opulent’ and ‘lavish’ seem like understatements in describing it—from start to finish the whole thing is some kind of Ziggy Stardust meets Art Deco phantasmagoria inspired by every science fiction film made in the 20th century from Metropolis to Star Wars. Like an extraterrestrial parallel universe to Daphne’s decadent Earthly life, the video is equipped with clothing by designers Noritaka Tatehana, Iris van Herpen and Natacha Marro as well as her very own magenta-skinned Martian beau. As for the song, the sound is very 80s pop-rock with a distinct nod to David Bowie and Rocky Horror’s Dr. Frank-n-Furter (it actually sounds pretty good). Of course the video outshines the song and Daphne delivers nothing short of an intergalactic feast for the eyes that drips diamonds.

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