Getting that '80s vibe with Gilles Bensimon

Posted by Maria
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Any reader who has stayed abreast of Vogue Paris this summer might have noticed that photographer Gilles Bensimon has developed a keen predilection for the nimble charms and 40-inch inseam of the young and supple Karlie Kloss. And why not? The model du jour is blessed with all the pert accouterments (of body and spirit alike) required to realize an editorial in the quintessential Bensimon style: a sun kissed face, windswept hair, and the spastic prowess of a racehorse, all set against a steady tumble of crashing waves. Referencing the athletic subtext of the past few seasons, the kaleidoscopic editorials are absolutely mouthwatering. If you find yourself yearning for the florescent orange Plexiglas visor you never knew you needed, consider this. It was (almost) thirty years ago that a dewy, buoyant Yasmin Le Bon was flexing and high-kicking all over white-sands, her own hair scrunchie-tied in a high pony. As of late, the preferred hair accessory of the 80s has been propositioning fashion by way of hipsterdom and normcore. Can a sanction by Emmanuelle Alt be the final catapult into the mainstream? Or are we really waiting for the inevitable presidential bid from Hillary Clinton to dust off our own coordinated elastic rosettes? What is evident is that, in fashion, as ever, what’s old is new. And, then again, what’s new is old.

"Bronzage Culturel" by Gilles Bensimon, Models: Karlie Kloss & Andreea Diaconu, Stylist: Claire Dhelens, Vogue Paris, May 2014.


"Bronzage sur tous les tons" by Gilles Bensimon, Model: Yasmine Le Bon, Elle France, June 24 1985.


"Nageurs en technicolor" by Gilles Bensimon, Elle France, April 22 1985. (L) Yasmine Le Bon by Gilles Bensimon, Elle France, May 20 1985.


"Préparez-vous à l'été" by Gilles Bensimon, Model: Yasmine Le Bon, Stylist: Elena Melik, Elle France, May 20 1985.


"Amazone" by Gilles Bensimon, Model: Karlie Kloss, Stylist: Claire Dhelens, Vogue Paris June/July 2014.


"Été exotique en madras look" by Gilles Bensimon, Model: Yasmine Le Bon, Fashion Editor: Sophie David, Hair: Guillaume for Mod's Hair, Elle France, July 9 1985.

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