The Best Bodies in America

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Cheryl Tiegs: "Tennis is my sport. There's nothing like playing a fast and energetic game outdoors. It involves stamina, skill and terrific timing... it makes me feel alive!"
Left: The kind of color and cut to look for in a maillot this summer—Marina Ferrari's yellow suit with one twisting tie that wraps around the waist and twists over one shoulder. Right: The news of terry tennis gear—Danskin's white V-neck bodysuit and pull-on shorts.

If you ever needed a push to start exercising, I'm pretty sure this editorial is it! Jerry Hall, Shaun Casey and Cheryl Tiegs looking lean, glamorous and super fit! It seems like this trio were Harper's Bazaar's go to girls in the early 1980s (see my post on Curate two weeks ago) and it is not hard to see why. All were at the height of their beauty (Hall was 23, Tiegs 32 and Casey 22) and were interviewed about and photographed doing their favourite summer sports. Being trapped in the city at the moment, all of these photos are making me incredibly jealous!

Cheryl Tiegs, Jerry Hall & Shaun Casey photographed by Rico Puhlmann, with hair by Bruno Demetrio and makeup by Mark Nahmias, for Harper's Bazaar, May 1980.


Cheryl Tiegs: "Sailing is a great way to relieve tension, clear the mind, and relax. The water is my mood-balancer... it can be tranquilizing, invigorating, cooling, refreshing. I love everything about it!"
Right: The ultimate in bare T-shirting—Fiorucci's cool cotton mesh in yellow, over white silk muslin shorts... an eye-opener! Pinky & Dianne for Private Label shorts.


Jerry Hall: "If I'm going to exercise, it's got to be fun! And if there's risk involved, all the better... I'm from Texas where we didn't get to surf much, so windsurfing is making up for lost time!"
Left: The half-shell-inspired accessory stunner—Krizia's metallic pink plastic bra... great over a bikini bottom, wrappy sarong skirt or pants at night! OMO Norma Kamali bikini. Right: The jolt of striping in magenta-and-orange—Elon by Monika Tilley V-neck, criss-cross-back maillot.


Jerry Hall: "For me, bicycling was just an easy way to get around... now I realize that it's one of the best ways to keep my legs in shape!"
Inset: Sleekest for cycling, jogging, working-out—a short-sleeved, high-necked bodysuit to cover with shorts in white with black pinstripes... Watch for more and more one-piece looks—the new basics! By Didier Hagler for Cantone Collections.


Shaun Casey: "When you waterski you work every muscle (especially stomach muscles for balance)... and you don't really know you're using them. It gives a nice line to the body!"
Left: The perfect beach cover-up—J. Tiktiner's small-collared, buttonless blouse in orange linen/cotton. Right inset: A slick spearmint-colored maillot that's haltered, deep-plunging. By Danskin.


Shaun Casey: "I love to exercise outdoors—it's the best thing you can do on the beach!... Jogging on the beach is terrific, too, especially in the early morning when the sand is flat—it's great for your feet!"
Left: Great work-out gear in a play of stripes and color—in red-and-white, a stretchy cotton/Lycra tank top and pull-on cotton jogging pants. By Le Feu Cache.

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