Jean-Louis Scherrer HC F/W 1986

Posted by Laura
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As my Instagram feed once again gets flooded with photos from the couture shows I find myself thinking and looking back to Haute Couture greats of the past. At the moment I am finding myself totally enamored with the totally over-the-top glamour of Jean-Louis Scherrer. The fastest way to transport oneself into The Bonfire of the Vanities or Chic Savages is to simply view some of his 1980s collections. My favourite some-time fashion show photographer (more often photojournalist) Abbas (whose work on Lacroix I revealed previously) captured Scherrer's Fall/Winter 1986 Haute Couture collection in all of its glitzy, shiny, sparkly drama. They are clothes for socialites, for rich wives of oil tycoons and masters of the universe — there is nothing subtle, except for the lack of skin. The fabrics and embellishment are the draws here, not sex appeal - it is a look totally about wealth. While these designs could be thought of as too mature, they were ideal for the age range of the clients who could actually afford couture and were incredibly successful until the stock market crash of  October 1987 shifted financial priorities away from the maximalist approach to life.

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