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Photo by Francesco Scavullo, Stylist: Sean Byrnes, Model: Margaux Hemingway, Hair: Harry King, Makeup: Way Bandy.

Too often in fashion, when we read a fashion magazine or even see a fashion image on our computer screens, we tend to only see what we think is most important and that is the clothes and the accessories. We somehow take for granted the hair and makeup and usually only take note if the model is painted like an African tribal shaman or the hair is teased until it is skyscraper high or tortured into some odd configuration. The point is simply that Harry King was probably responsible for how one wore their hair when fashion was at its apogee.

Harry King is a legend, a pillar of fashion, who rose to international fame and notoriety in a time when the names like Way Bandy, Diana Vreeland, Avedon, Skrebneski, Polly Mellen, Penn, Suga, Vogue, Bazaar and many many more were the bellwethers of fashion and on the lips of anyone who lived in the pages of fashion magazines and in the world of fashion. These “createurs” were selling the fantasy and reality that was all part and parcel of fashion... as Grace Coddington said “when fashion came first” and I say when “fashion was fun.” The total look!

We boomers who were paying attention in those years know that Harry King was one of the greatest “hairstylists” of the 20th century who collected more “important” credits in his portfolio than any 20 of today’s current crop. This is a man who worked endlessly with the best, for the best because he was and is the best! He opened the door for so many who followed.

With all this said Harry King has been an integral part of fashion for decades and continues to inspire those who are savvy enough to recognize the enormous contribution he made to fashion in the most glorious of eras. It is my pleasure and my honor to call him friend and to offer a peak into his “head!”


JEFFREY FELNER: What is the most treasured possession in your wardrobe?
Maybe an Armani jacket I bought in the 70's from his first unconstructed collection

JF: What is your most sterling trait and what trait do you treasure most in your friendships?

JF: What is your guilty secret? 
Too guilty to say

JF: What if any, book are you reading now or last read? 
The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov

JF: What’s your advice to the “newcomer?” 
Leave your ego at home

JF: Who or what is your inspiration/style icon? 
All that is around me

JF: What is the best advice you ever received?
Go for it

JF: If you could invite up to 4 people for dinner, who would they be…dead or alive?
Frank Sinatra, Jesus, Marilyn Monroe, Charles Dickens

JF: What is your favorite movie /or movie star?
Too many to answer that

JF: What is the one thing you would change about yourself?
Hahaha my mind just went there!

JF: Whose opinion do you value most and why?
My best friends because they are honest with me

JF: What’s your take on magazines, books versus the internet?
Don’t really look at magazines much anymore, do like a book opposed to the internet but internet is so fast

JF: Do you have a dream collaborator?
Right now I would like to be able to collaborate with the illustrator Antonio

JF: Have you ever wanted to just throw in the towel and why?
I've had many highs in my career and couldn't pinpoint one but saying that it could have been the first day I started work when I was a shy 15 year old who didn't know his ass from his elbow or being able to work with the great photographers, models, editors, make-up artists, movie stars

JF: What’s your music library like? 
Eclectic many centuries, classical, Sinatra, Billy Holliday, Cole Porter, Jobim, jazz, Rolling Stones, Little Richard, Doris Day, Lambert Hendricks and Ross so much more

JF: What and where is your favorite meal? 
At friends or chez moi


Harry King, Photo by Michael Della Polla.


  US Vogue, "The Secret of the New Hair Cut" Photos by Francesco Scavullo, Models: Chris Royer & Denise Hopkins, Hair: Harry King, Makeup: Heidi Morawetz, July 1975.


(L-R) Cosmopolitan September 1979 (Photo by Francesco Scavullo, Stylist: Sean Byrnes: Model: Janice Dickinson, Hair: Harry King, Makeup: Way Bandy)  /  US Vogue January 1981 (Photo by Richard Avedon, Model: Beverly Johnson, Hair: Harry King, Makeup: Way Bandy)  /  Vogue UK April 1979 (Photo by Albert Watson, Model: Tara Shannon, Hair: Harry King, Make up: Barbara Daly)  /   Cosmopolitan May 1976 (Photo by Francesco Scavullo, Stylist: Sean Byrnes, Model: Angeleen, Hair: Harry King, Makeup: Way Bandy)


US Vogue, Photo by Irving Penn & Chris Von Wangenheim, Models: Patti Hansen, Christie Brinkley, Janice Dickinson & Rosie Vela, Hair: Marc Pipino, Harry King & Suga, Makeup: Way Bandy & Ariella, February 1977.


(L)  British Vogue, Photo by Barry Lategan, Editor: Grace Coddington, Hair: Harry King, Makeup: Rose Bonomo, Model: Maria Von Hartz, 1983. (R) US Vogue, Photo by Arthur Elgort, Model: Patti Hansen, Hair: Harry King, Makeup: Way Bandy, November 1975.


 US Vogue, "Fall Fashion Signals" Photos by Richard Avedon, Models: Patti Hansen & Janice Dickinson, Hair: Harry King, Makeup: Sandy Linter & Way Bandy, July 1977.


(L) US Vogue, "A Season of Differences..." Photo by Bill King, Models: Annette Stai, Kelly LeBrock, Kelly Emberg & Rosemary McGrotha, Hair: Harry King, Makeup: Way Bandy, September 1981. (R) Photo by Mitchel Gray, Models: Denise Hopkins & Unknown, Hair: Harry King, Givenchy Spring/Summer 1977.


US Vogue, Photos by Francesco Scavullo, Models: Dalila Di Lazzaro & Rene Russo, Hair: Harry King, Makeup: Heidi Morawetz & Way Bandy, July 1975.


(L-R) US Vogue October 1980 (Photo by Richard Avedon, Model: Brooke Shields, Hair: Harry King, Makeup: Way Bandy)  /  US Cosmopolitan June 1979 (Photo by Francesco Scavullo, Stylist: Sean Byrnes, Model: Eva Voorhees, Hair: Harry King, Makeup: Way Bandy)  /  US Vogue August 1975 (Photo by Arthur Elgort, Model: Rosie Vela, Hair: Harry King, Makeup: Sandy Linter)  /  US Harper's Bazaar November 1980 (Photo by Francesco Scavullo, Model: Rene Russo, Hair: Harry King, Makeup: Way Bandy)


 US Vogue "Furs--Glamour Plus!" Photos by Richard Avedon, Model: Rene Russo, Hair: Harry King, Makeup: Mark Sephton, November 1975.

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