MTV`s House of Style: Naomi, Kristen and Linda

Posted by Meghan
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In the late 80s and early 90s a burgeoning cultural obsession with the lives of supermodels gave birth to MTV`s show House of Style. The show`s eleven-year run began in 1989 with host Cindy Crawford traveling to the four corners of the globe to give viewers a glimpse of the interior lives of the darlings of fashion. Former hosts also included Shalom Harlow, Amber Valletta and Molly Sims, among others, and the show has been recently revived as of 2012 with Karlie Kloss and Joan Smalls as hosts. Watching the show, there is a certain novelty to seeing Cindy Crawford and the other supermodel hosts assume the role of TV news anchor to interview their friends and colleagues, like a playful, fashion version of 60 Minutes.

In this 1992 episode of House of Style, Cindy visits Naomi Campbell at her hotel in Little Italy, New York where she is amongst friends Kristen McMenamy and Linda Evangelista after a long day of work. The girls have their guard down and the overall tone feels something like a supermodel sleepover. Linda and Naomi play with padded bra inserts while sprawled out on the bathroom floor and Naomi does an impression of Faye Dunaway`s wire hanger monologue as Joan Crawford in Mommie Dearest. Naomi and Kristen play dress up together–Naomi goes from wearing “the loudest dress” she owns which she bought for $15.00 to a one-of-a-kind purple Anna Sui number in mere minutes (Naomi is not shy about the exclusivity of her ownership of the ensemble). Kristen and Linda leave and Naomi goes about her nighttime beauty regime, including the application of her “spot cream,” as they call it in Naomi`s native England. The whole thing is incredibly endearing and fun; their closeness as friends gives an added dimension to the editorials and campaigns they`ve done together. As Naomi stands before us barefaced and undone, you get the sense that models really are just like us–only in custom Anna Sui.

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