The Biba Look by Lisa Eldridge

Posted by Meghan
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For those uninitiated into the world of YouTube makeup tutorials, makeup artist Lisa Eldridge is somewhat of a kingpin. If you haven’t seen any of her videos you’ve definitely seen her work elsewhere. Her artistry has graced the covers of virtually every fashion publication including Vogue, Elle, i-D, Love and Bazaar––she’s also a popular choice amongst celebrities for public appearances. A quick browse through her YouTube channel, lisaeldridgedotcom, will reveal that in addition to recreating her cover and red carpet looks, Eldridge is quite fond of vintage makeup. Her channel is rather informative about the history of makeup, both how it was applied and what products were used. Her own collection of vintage makeup is extensive, including a large selection of makeup from the famed British high street retailer Biba.

Biba is something like the 60s and 70s equivalent of Topshop, but much more daring and revolutionary. It’s founder, Barbara Hulanicki, created a very specific look for her youthful clientele called “The Biba Look” or the “Dolly Look”––doe-eyed, ethereal, and spindly thin. Initially starting off as a mail order clothing retailer, Biba grew into a brick- and-mortar shop and eventually expanded into cosmetics. Below, Lisa creates two looks using products from her personal collection of vintage Biba makeup. As you will see in the videos, the Biba color palette was very muddled and bruised, favoring shades of plum, burnt orange and burgundy which at the time were unheard of. The colors and pigments are incredibly rich and sumptuous, quite unlike most modern makeup, and to see them put to use with by an artist such as Eldridge is a treat.

More vintage inspired makeup looks can be found on Lisa’s Youtube channel.


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