Mexico: Clothes for the Endless Summer

Posted by Laura
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Right into the resort scene—no acclimating necessary: separates layered to really separate, for lunch at Hacienda del Lobo Hotel and Tennis club—and reasonable for cool drive in the highlands. Roll-sleeved red sweater, showing lots of freshly checked shirt, and white-hot white pants. By Kasper for J.J. Sport. Provincial flower print, in rayon crepe de Chine, knife-pleated and wrapped in a long wool cardigan with dropped pockets. From the Arkin Collection.

Something about the constant reports of all of the resort collections and seeing the Made in Mexico: The Rebozo in Art, Culture & Fashion (6 June – 31 August 2014) at the Fashion and Textile Museum in London last week has me fantasizing about a Mexican holiday—totally unlike my normal dream vacations I am thinking about sun, beaches and cocktails. It may be summer now but I'm still hard at work in the city (London now, NYC next week) and the world of margaritas feels very far away...

As always these fantasies are fueled by editorials and in particular this 'Resort Report' from Mexico by Otto Stupakoff for Harper's Bazaar, December 1972, starring Shelley Smith & Margaretta. Not just inspiring for vacation planning, the styling is spot on both holiday and ordinary life. Some of these outfits may seem off-season in terms of the current weather in the northern hemisphere, but with the flowing seasonlessness of the collections on the runway and in stores the layering and variety of fabric weights begin to make more sense—it's a total wardrobe for those hot sweaty days that sometimes seem to be inexplicably followed by overly cool nights, and for those mornings and afternoons when your schedule continually shifts you from steamy outdoors to air-conditioned indoors.

Drive up the coast and drop in on the beautiful resort town of Kino Bay and the fishing village, San Blas. Four for the road are soft Shetland wool sweaters and dunkable shape-holding pants. All smoothly interchangeable. By Erika Elias for Charlie's Girls.


(L)The utmost jersey of tropical evenings, by Donald Brooks. Cool, luminous white draped to clasp the bodice, bare the midriff and then let pour. (M) One great way to take in the seascape of coastal Puerto Vallarta is to catch it at sundown on the cool, tiled terrace of the Hacienda del Lobo Hotel and Tennis Club, our base for excursions into the countryside. Angora-blend sweaters in sunset colors. Lazy good-for-everything godet pants. By Addenda by Patti Cappalli. Paco Rabanne sandals. (R) All along the coast, from the provincial bay towns to the highlands of Guadalajara, the white suit is the summit in great resort fabrics; cotton duck, silk linen, wool flannel. Long-skirted white by Saint Lauent hitting its stride South.


Spectacular small-suit whites individualize with soft, easy tailorings and mobile young jacket shapes. Off-white Fablon wool flannel smocked jacket and fluid skirt, with melon-colored rib-knit jersey tank top underneath. By Jon Kloss for 499 Division of Kloss-Pruzan. Long jacket, angling out over a wrap skirt (right), in Couleur Dupioni silk linen. Coordinated cardigan. Very smooth going, by Kasper for Joan Leslie.


Inundated quiet at Twin Beaches, where all the serenities come together. Clearest water, white sand, big rock formations like different sizes of chaise longues, smooth enough to bask on. A short drive from the Hacienda del Lobo Hotel and Tennis Club. This cotton caftan, cool as a shadow, flaring loose from a pleated bib. By Carol Horn.


Latest of the pale new swimsuits, knitted in one lean piece. Sweater-rib, halter suit, in beige polyester/wool/rabbit hair. By Cole of California. Hat by Mr John.


White maillot diving to a V in front, slashed deep in back. By Gottex of Israel. Chemise-strapped maillot of purest fit, to slick on over a prize tan. By Peter Pan Swimwear.


Guided tour by Gabriel along a bright, placid beach with the green hills behind you. Puerto Vallarta's rent-a-donkey service doesn't have to try harder because nobody's in a hurry. Bright white pantsuit by Casa di Cole aligned in three parts. Tailored to loaf it up without losing its good sharp cool.


(L) High-powered classic of the resort scene, the tennis sweater and its unbeatable counterpart, white flannel pants. All by Ralph Lauren. (R) This could be your place: Small, village-sized and tropical with great expanses of blue Pacific water to take the heat off, and a calm as big as the ocean it looks out on. Puerto Vallarta on Mexico's West Coast is always being discovered by informed escapees, but it manages never to crowd you. Neither will the clothes you unwind in, sure-fiery resort fashions with a brilliant new kind of cool. (They draw a small crowd called Gabriel). Bold, stratified colors in a halter top, flashing full skirt and coordinated stole that can wind up as a brilliant piece of headgear. By Jack Bodi for Concept VII.


Hot glitter of Lurex in a cardigan looped over a striped halter knit top. Shown here with coordinated gabardine pants. Sleeveless chemise tank-top knitted in intaglio scallops, lighted with Lurex. Coordinated gabardine pants. Lurex and wool sweaters by Renee Taylor for Outlander Group Ltd. Pants by Alice Blaine for Benson & Partners.

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