Elsa Peretti: Icon and Innovator

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Elsa Peretti, "The Fashion makers" book, 1978.

Elsa Peretti’s simply stylish jewelry remains timeless, modern and true to the aesthetic Peretti crafted when she first set out to design in the late 1960s. The Italian born designer was living in New York as a model when she befriended Roy Halston. The fashionable pair found themselves starting out their namesake businesses around the same time, Halston launching his own clothing line and Peretti designing sleek sophisticated jewelry. Aesthetically, the two were a match made in design heaven, both creating minimal, sexy and luxurious pieces for their lines. Peretti strutted the runways of Giorgio Sant’Angelo, who showed a vase and flower pendant designed by Peretti on his runways in 1970. Peretti’s beautiful partnership with Halston gave way to a great deal of collaboration. Peretti modeled for Halson, and he would also adorn his models with Peretti’s stylish structured cuffs and oversized imaginative belts. It was Halston that introduced the jewelry designer to Tiffany in 1974, after which the luxury retailer hired her immediately. Over forty years later, Peretti and Tiffany are going strong. Last year Peretti signed a contract for another twenty years with the iconic jeweler. Peretti’s symbolic designs are iconic like the infamous bean pendant Peretti designed to symbolize the beginning of all things or the more literal distinctive scorpion necklace designed for Tiffany in 1979. In 1975, when Halston ventured in to the world of cosmetics, Elsa was enlisted to design the packaging. Halston’s perfume bottles designed by Peretti even resembled the infamous bean in shape. Hailed for her confidence and inspired interpretive creativity, which Peretti demonstrates in her designs so effectively, the designer remains a timeless style icon for her modern, yet classic appeal. With inimitable authenticity, Paretti continues to design and inspire from her time as a model and muse of the ‘60s and ‘70s and her early work with Halston, to designing some of the most iconic Tiffany pieces. Peretti remains a style muse and a shining example of the transcending power of timeless elegance.

(L) Elsa Models Halston and wears her own cuff. (M) Elsa wearing a Diamonds by the Yard necklce, 1970s. (R) Elsa Peretti in Halston, NYC, 1972.


(L) Marisa Berenson wearing Halston Ultrasuede jacket with an Elsa Peretti belt, Photo by Hiro, Harper's Bazaar, 1972. (R) Elsa Peretti gold mesh scarf, heart pendant & diamonds by the yard necklace, 1974.


(L) Halston with perfume Elsa Peretti designed bottles, 1975. (M) Elsa Peretti Bottle Pendant, Photo by Francesco Scavullo, 1974. (R) Halston with perfume Elsa Peretti designed bottles, 1975.


(L) Liza Minelli wearing a Elsa Peretti Cuff. (R) Sophia Loren wearing Elsa Peretti's “Bone” cuff, Photo by Francesco Scavullo.


(L & R) Elsa Peretti in Bunny Suit, Photo by Helmut Newton, 1975. (M) Elsa Peretti belt, Photo by Helmut Newton, 1977.


(L) Rene Russo in Silk pantsuit by Halston and jewels by Elsa Peretti, 1977. (R) Catherine McNeil models Elsa Peretti Scorpion necklace designed in 1979 for Scorpion Queen, 2011.

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