The French Manicure

Posted by Reem
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Jeff Pink, the founder of Orly nailcare is often credited for originating the French manicure in 1975. However, many say the nail has been around since the 1800s after become a staple in French nail salons. The classic nail staple didn’t pick up popularity until the mid-seventies when Mr. Pink made it a hit among the Hollywood set. According to a recent web article by Harper's Bazaar, Pink was inspired to create the neutral nail to work with any look an actress sported on set. When the nail found its way on Paris runways, it got the trademark name. In my second installment for the summer nails series I demonstrate and review two French manicure pens, the Sally Hansen White Tip Nail Pen ($5.00) and the Essence Manicure and Pedicure Pen ($2.50). Watch the video above to see how the drugstore brands made out.

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