Elizabeth Taylor Cleopatra Inspired Eye Look

Posted by Reem
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When Cleopatra was released in 1963 it was the focus of much scrutiny and scandal. The most expensive film ever made that point in time; it also sparked the all-consuming love affair between Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor, both of whom were married to other people at the time. In spite of set backs and the public disapproval that plagued Taylor’s wild ways, the actress was a survivor and her beauty and conviction made her the most cinematically perfect queen. She was the picture of exotic beauty as Cleopatra, and to so many, Elizabeth Taylor will always be revered for her great beauty, the fierce emotions she exhibited on screen and inspired in others – but especially for her eyes. As a timeless beauty icon and as a resilient and powerful woman, she serves as great inspiration. Today on Curate I demonstrate two takes on a modern Elizabeth Taylor, Cleopatra inspired eye. This is a perfect look for an evening out!

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