Miu Miu Spring 2001 by Anders Edström

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The images below come from the second issue of an incredible publication called the F de C Reader, a Tokyo-based fashion (and more) publication unlike anything I’ve come across before. It’s hard to describe F de C because it really does defy the very nature of fashion publication (down to it’s very size and material––approximately the size of a pocket dictionary and printed on newsprint). Its audience is definitely geared towards those with a more avant-garde sensibility (if you’re a fan of Martin Margiela, this reader is absolutely for you).

The images contained within are incredibly honest and its content is entirely undiluted by advertisements or vapid fluff pieces. It respects and challenges the reader’s intellect and aesthetic sensibilities. Included in this second and most recent issue, titled “On the Correct Handling of Contradiction,” is a fully transcribed conversation with Shoichi Aoki, creator of Japanese street style magazines STREET, FRUiTS, Tune, and Ruby, reprinted images from the first issue of STREET from mid-80s Paris, an interview with photographer Kawori Inbe, and test shots for Miu Miu’s Spring 2001 campaign by photographer Anders Edström of Anne Sophie Back. Edström, a Swedish photographer most commonly associated with Margiela in the 90s, submitted these test photos to Miuccia Prada in a bid for the Spring 2001 campaign. The publication is teasingly reserved about the details surrounding the test shots, however I was told by the shop owner where I bought the publication that upon seeing the images Prada immediately hired Edström for the campaign.

Ms. Prada has produced some of the most astonishing fashion photographs in the past 25 years, so it comes as no surprise that she was immediately impressed with Edström’s work. They are incredibly fresh and sincere and disregard much of the pretension and fantasy of exclusivity which traditionally serve as the backbone for most fashion campaigns. Below are Edström’s test shots from F de C with Anne Sophie Back (who currently designs her own eponymous line that’s definitely worth taking a look at) as well as the official campaign images which went to print with model Jenny Vatheuer (who looks astonishingly similar to Back). It is very interesting to see the rawness of the test shots translated into a glossier image with a higher production value while still retaining the sincerity of the original photos.


F de C Reader, “On the Correct Handling of Contradiction". Edström’s test shots follow below.




Miu Miu Spring 2001 Campaign.


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