The Amazing All-in-One Breakaway Dress, 1944

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The year was 1944 and in Life Magazine photographer John Florea photographed a series of images showing the amazing "Breakaway Dress" a clever design that took a girl from daytime shopping, to the beach and right into evening.

Beginning fully covered up the long skirt reveals a pencil skirt and then shorts layered underneath. Peel the jacket and shorts off and ta da you are instantly pool ready with a quick twist of some of the pieces. Use the long skirt as a coverup. A quick rework of the pieces gives you a full evening look complete with a cinched in and striped detailed waistline. Finally the collar turns into a hood which was every so fashionable in the forties so a girl would have been right on trend.

Honest isn't it the best? Sadly there is no designer credit given to this amazing piece of 1940s history. Boy would we give anything to see all the pieces and how this all works.

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