Paris in the Spring

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Le Cafee de Flore, Photo by Boris Lipnitzki, Paris, 1959.


The Internet is a cavernous, sometimes dark rabbit hole primed for the historically persuaded. A Google deep dive is the surest way to a 3:30 am out of body experience. And yet, there comes a point when it seems you have reached the very end. You’ve seen it all before; every picture of Kate Moss and Audrey Hepburn stored away on its corresponding Pinterest board. So, it is always a welcome surprise to stumble across a source for less common visual candy. Such is the case with the lovely tumblr page “Chamade – Vintage French Photos”, proving once and for all that before street style blogs, there was Paris. A few of the classics are there, but by and large, it a refreshing collection for any nostalgic Francophile. Without further ado, we’ve pulled our favorites of the bunch. Paris in the spring? Qui, bien sur!


(L) After midnight Brassaï, Paris, 1930. (R) American girl in Montmartre, Photo by Inge Morath, Paris 1954.


(L) Juliette, Photo by Jean Moral, France 1933. (M) Hairdresser, Photo by Gisèle Freund, Paris 1938. (R) *Madame Henri Gouin, Deauville, août 1939.


(L) At the cafe, Photo by Nico Jesse, Paris 1957. (R) Audrey Hepburn, Photo by Daniel Cande, Paris 1962.


(L) Bibi in driver suit, Photo by Jacques-Henri Lartigue, 1923. (R) Boulevard Montmartre, Photo by Izis Bidermanas, Paris 1966.


(L) Brasserie Lipp, Photo by Henri Cartier-Bresson, Paris 1969. (R) Brigitte Bardot on the set of A Coeur Joie, France 1966.


(L) Bus Stop, Photo by Robert Schall,1930s. (R) Cabaret Tabarin, Paris circa 1930.


(L) Catherine Deneuve, Paris 1960s. (R) Corinne Luchaire, Photo by Séeberger, Deauville, 1939.


(L) Catherine Deneuve, Photo by Milton Greene, Saint-Tropez, 1962. (R) Deauville, Photo by Robert Capa, France 1951.


(L) Deauville, Photo by Agence Meurisse, circa 1928. (R) Dior, Photo by Mark Shaw, Paris 1954.


(L) Fançois Truffant et Jeanne Moreau. (R) Françoise Hardy, Photo by Hugues Vassal, Paris 1960s.


(L) Photo by Mark Shaw, 1961. (M) Mlle Scarlet Gresham, aux courses à Deauville, 1 août 1938. (R) Champ de Mars, Photo by Willy Ronis, 1956.


(L) Françoise Dorléac on the set of La Peau Douce, Photo by Raymont Cauchetier, Paris 1963. (R) Jean Gabin and Marlène Dietrich.


(L) John F Kennedy, Photo by Jacques Henri Lartigue, Cap d'Antibes French Riviera, 1953. (R) Ladies Lunch, Photo Donald Honeyman, Paris 1949.


(L) Les Champs Elysées, Paris 1960s. (R) Les Parisiennes, Photo by Nico Jesse, Paris 1950s.


(L) Leslie Caron, Photo by Jack Garofalo, Marseille 1960. (R) Lillian Bassman, Paris 1950s.


(L) Martha's nap on the Seine, Photo by Pierre Jamet, Paris 1942. (R) "Maybe She's Late", Photo by Alfred Eisentaedt, Paris 1960s.


(L) Mistinguett Séeberger, Deauville 1929. (R) Molyneux Studio, Photo by Alfred Eisenstaedt, Paris 1934.


(L) Models wearing Jacques Heim, Photo by Fred Bommet, Paris 1954. (R) Models, Photo by René Burri, Paris 1950s.


(L) Mondrian Dress by Yves Saint Laurent, Photo by Lood Van Bennekom, Paris 1965. (R) Outside Christian Dior, Photo by Jacques Dutronc, Paris 1960s.


(L) Photo by Loomis Dean, Life Magazine, Paris 1957. (R) Parisian Cafe, Photo by Frank Horvat, Paris 1959.


(L) Place Vendôme, Photo by Edouard Boubat, 1952. (R) Pontoon of the hotel Carlton at Cannes, Photo by Séeberger, France 1936.


(L) Quai de Seine, Photo by Izis Bidermanas, Paris ca 1950. (R) Reflection, Photo by Frances Mortimer, Paris 1950s.


(L) Renée Perle, Photo by Jacques-Henri Lartigue, circa 1930. (R) Sophia Loren in the Christian Dior Salon, Photo by Burt Glinn, Paris 1963.


(L) St Roch Church, Photo by Edouard Boubat, Paris 1952. (R) Suzy at the Eiffel Tower, Photo by George Dambier, Paris 1954.


(L) The last waltz of the Bastille Day, Photo by Robert Doisneau, Paris 1949. (R) The Eye of Love, Photo by René Groebli, 1953.


(L) Two Young Parisian women on a balcony, Alfred Eisenstaedt, Paris 1963. (R) Photo by Izis Bidermanas, Paris circa 1960.


(L) Ana Karina, Photo by Luc Fournol, France 1962. (M) Bibi at Megeve, Photo by Jacques-Henri Lartigue, France 1930s. (R) Grand Prix du Jockey Club, Photo by Jean-Loup Seiff, Chantilly racecourse 1956.


At the Fun Fair, Gaston Paris, 1935.

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