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Posted by Cherie
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Once a year I like to go through the site, page by page, item by item and assess each items pricing,how long its been up and what's happening in general in the world of vintage. Like the rest of retail I have seen a steady increase in pricing. Some justified and some not. Some items that are getting more rare and hard to find should and do increase in price. And that is OK.

However, I have noticed that a lot of the special, but perhaps not couture or very rare, are creeping up in price as well. As vintage invades the on-line world this is a natural evil. Dealer A sees Dealer B and thinks I can match that price or maybe bump it a bit. Two years later prices are through the roof. I think all dealers are guilty of this in some way including myself. I am a business and have costs, lots of them, and buying stock at the level you have come to expect from me - aka pretty damn perfect - is not as easy as scooting down to the local thrift and shelling out $20 bucks for a couture gown. If only, right?

I am never going to be the cheapest option out there. I buy only the perfect or near perfect and I put a lot of work, time and money into presenting them to you and making sure they are cleaned and ready to wear when they arrive. I also take care of every client personally myself - at all hours and 365 days a year. I do that because I love what I do and I love my clients.

That all being said I also listen to my clients and I have been hearing "Oh I want that but can't afford it right now" "Will that go on sale soon" "Is that the best price". That tells me that while lots of my clients are perfectly fine financially, a lot of you have also had to tighten your vintage belts.

So this weekend I took two solid days and went through every item. Some I reduced and added to the sale section as they will eventually be cycled off the site. Others I took a long look at and adjusted pricing to reflect where I think it should be right now under our current conditions out there. Sometimes this meant an adjustment down by several hundreds of dollars. Some things did not change but I honestly think this was the minority. Trust me - there is a radical amount of changes site wide so spend sometime going back through everything!

I am not a museum, I am a business and I can't be in business without you. I love love love the fact that as I have grown I have been able to access more and more of the true rarities and couture pieces and yes, these will sometimes cost in the thousands. But I have a long memory and I won't forget all of you countless girls that stood by me when my stock was smaller and there were more inexpensive options.

This adjustment site wide is for my beloved clients and I hope you go back to the site today and check on that dress you have been eyeing and if it was one of the pieces adjusted or put on sale then both our days have been made.



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