Wendy Brandes & Mary Barone at the Patrick Kelly opening

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Pat Cleveland and Party Goers, Mary's photos courtesy of outwithmary.com

On Saturday the Phliadelphia Museum of Art threw a bash to celebrate the opening of their latest exhibit, Patrick Kelly: Runway of Love, and two of our clients hung out with supermodel Pat Cleveland and a lot of guests that got their Kelly spirit on! We asked both of them to send in their party photos and also gives us the lowdown on the evening and to our delight they did!

It was a packed event and looked to be a ton of fun. Wendy Brandes, who is one of our favorite vintage girls and a talented jewelery designer, wore leopard Kelly. Mary wore a denim dress from the Spring 1988 collection and we are pleased to tell you that she bought her Patrick Kelly dress from us specifically for the event! A huge thank you to both of you for sharing your night with us

As a little bonus we also included a behind the scenes video we found on the museum's exhibit page, a fun Vine posted by Wendy that night and the cutest instagram video of Pat watching Pat that we just happened to stumble across.


(L) Mary with exhibit curator Dilys Blum, (R) Mary wearing a Patrick Kelly denim dress from Shrimpton Couture


Mary's Evening

"The dress was such fun to wear. The preview party a blast! Quite a few of the models who walked for Patrick Kelly were there and one of them  spotted me and right away said 'she's wearing THAT denim dress!' Of course they were all in head-to-toe vintage Patrick Kelly and everyone looked super FABULOUS! It was wonderful to see the pieces and models in person while a succession of videos from the runway shows played around the room.

I have sent in an image of me and the curator, Dilys Blum and another of me with some embellishments including a vintage Patrick Kelly black baby pin.  Also pictures here is a snap of the FABULOUS Pat Cleveland together with a couple of festive gents (many more men were there looking mighty fine in their 'take' on Patrick Kelly). Mostly everyone made an effort to wear either vintage Patrick Kelly or a creation of their own in homage to him.

It was a beautiful, joyful evening. Thanks again for getting the dress to me in time. It was a glove fit. Something one could dance in all night!"


(L) Wendy Brandes in a 1980s Patrick Kelly Dress. (R) The Exhibit


Wendy's Evening

"The exhibit is so well-curated. I appreciated that the information cards were truly enlightening -- not just dates of runway shows, but inspiration, history, quotes, even the model who wore a particular piece on the runway (one leopard trench coat from Spring/Summer 1989 had been worn by the late L'Wren Scott (shown on right)). For instance, Kelly said about his designs adorned real and embroidered nails, "If they don't want to be in love with you, nail them to the wall until they are ready, then release them."

Video clips of the fashion shows let you see the clothes in motion; they also reveal how exuberant a Kelly runway was. Model Pat Cleveland -- who bought Kelly his airline ticket to Paris -- epitomized the Kelly style. On opening night, it was fantastic to see her standing near the Josephine Baker banana skirt with the video of her dancing in that very skirt played on the wall overhead."


 Wendy and Pat Cleveland


Video by Wendy Brandes



Video by Chuck Amos


In this video, Exhibition Assistant Laura Camerlengo talks about the excitement of presenting Patrick Kelly’s designs at the Museum. She explains what makes the mannequins used in the exhibition so unique, how displaying clothes in a museum setting is different than in a boutique or department store, and where prop items like accessories and shoes are found. Also get a rare insider’s look at all the pre-exhibition activity in the Costume and Textiles workroom and the photography studio. Credit the Philadelphia Museum


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