A Moment with Bianca

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In honor of Bianca Jagger's 69th birthday today, May 2nd, I delved into my archives for this interview with her from 1973 — just two years after her marriage to Mick in May 1971, Bianca had a reputation for being beautiful yet cold and aloof. Seeking to break this apart she sat down with Viva at La Grenouille, one of the most elegant restaurant's in New York, and reflected on her life and marriage.

All photos and quotes from Viva, May 1973.

"Everyone thinks I'm just a cunt who wears beautiful clothes and funny-looking hats. Weill, I'm not. Today I am a white bird with a broken wing."

"People who don't know me see me as a beautiful mannequin—a live dog who wears everything. But that's not my main reason to live."

Avedon on Bianca: "She is the most completely sensational new beauty and the best example of what it means to be of mixed blood. Nothing pure is interesting."

Terry Southern on Bianca: "A fabulous combination of enchanted woodland thing and ultra-sophisticated decadent."



At the time Mick and Bianca were fighting constantly: "All I need is to find a human being who is truthful. It's so sad when I discover that someone I cared for isn't truthful. If I have deep feelings for someone, and they do something to me, I get very hurt. That I can get over. But if someone I care for lies to me, I can't forgive lies. Lies are offensive to the intelligence. Mick had this idea before he met me that beautiful women are not intelligent. When a man meets a woman who has some sort of intelligence, he is intrigued. 'How can it be that this girl is both intelligent and beautiful?' This is what goes through his head. It went through Mick's."

"I don't know why I've become a figure of fashion. All I know is that I love beautiful things, revolutionary clothes, and the people who create them. I love artists and writers."

"In a way, I've changed since I married Mick. I don't think I've changed him, though. Perhaps he's beginning to go through some changes now. He's always searching for innovations, for new things."

"I've learned one thing since my marriage—if you refuse to cooperate with the press, they hate you. I understand they have a job to do, but I had such a bad experience. My wedding day was turned into a nightmare by the press. I cried, I was so miserable. I read and heard so many stories about myself, my past. There were s many fantasies, so many lies. People used to tell me how stiff and snobby I was. I was scared of the world. I still am, but now I hide behind a smile. I'm still reserved and secretive. I've learned that if you smile you have a great advantage. Everybody deserves a smile. People appreciate it. It's enough."

"Men that I love have a tendency to try to change me, to change my dreams. But no matter who or what people think I am, I am my own person. Actually, though, I'm not fit to be in a real world sometimes. I know I live in a dream one."


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