That Crazy Sixties Makeup - Yeah Baby

Posted by Cherie
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Peggy Moffitt modeling Rudi Gernreich design, Photo by William Claxton, 1968.

Reem is off on sunny Cali for a vacation so Jenna and I decided to put together a little throwback makeup post. What better era to cover then the sixties? For all the Lady Gaga's out int he world with their wild and crazy get ups, no one can really top this era when it was not performance art but in the street. Real girls where painting flowers on their cheeks and eyes, pale blue eyeshadow was a best selling shade and neons were a neutral. And that was just for real girls. Editorials pasted and drew, added appliques, feathers and petals all in the name of beauty. It was just groovy Baby!




(L) Peggy Moffitt.


(R) Marisa Berenson with Pucci Bags.







(R) Eye work by Giorgio Sant’Angelo, photographed by Gianni Peniti, Vogue Jan 1968.




(L) Dior Ad. (R) Twiggy.


(L) 1966. (R) Clairol Cosmetics, 1967.


(L) Coty Cosmetics Ad, 1967. (R) Mary Quant Eye Gloss Ad, 1968.




(R) Elizabeth Taylor.





(R) Barbara Streisand.


(L) Benedetta Barzini wearing a cap by Halston, Photo by Bert Stern, 1960s. (R) Audrey Hepburn.


(L) Cher, Photo by Richard Avedon, Vogue, November 1966. (R) Chiesa, Photo by Gian Paolo Barbieri, Vogue Italia, December 1966.


(R) Peggy Moffitt.


(R) Dior Ad, 1969.



(R) Edie Sedgwick.


(L) Editha Dussler, Photo by Horst P.Horst, Vogue, 1967.


(L) Elsa Martinelli in futuristic eye makeup by Pablo, Elizabeth Arden’s “Face Designer,” 1965. (R) Grace Coddington, Vogue UK, February, 1966.


(R) Helene Rubinstein, Photo by Erich Locker, Vogue 1960.


(L) Linda Morand covered in sugar, Photo by Barbieri. (R) Marisa Berenson, Photo by Henry Clarke, 1967.


Models in Mary Quant.


(L) Nena von Schlebrugge wearing a pale green felt beret by Halston, Photo by Bert Stern, Vogue March 1962. (R) Peggy Moffitt.


(L) RealGirl Ad, 1967. (R) Revlon Ad, 1968.


(L) Shiny by Max Factor Ad, Mademoiselle, April 1967. (R) Slicker Lip Polish Phone Dial by Yardley, 1968.


Vegas Showgirls.




Veruschka. (R) Photo by Franco Rubartelli, Vogue UK, March 1968.


(R) Vidal Sassoon Hair. (R) Vogue UK, March 1965.


Sophia Loren.


(L) Vogue, July 1967. (R) Wilhelmina Cooper.

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