Flapper Hair How To

Posted by Reem
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When Catherine Martin the costume designer behind The Great Gatsby, won the Oscar this past weekend for best costume design, I was ecstatic. That film was an incredible visual delight as to be expected of a Baz Lurhmann epic. When the film was coming out last year I was in a Gatsby blur. I reread the book again and again, I listened to the soundtrack endlessly. This film appropriated the glamour of the 1920s with hints of modern style sensibilities and since then I have been longing to get the look. So when I learned to do this quick and easy hairstyle I was very excited to channel flapper style without having to commit to a Carey Mulligan crop. Watch the video to get the details of this look and find out which champagne infused lipstick will make you feel like Daisy Buchanan.

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