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Wearing a feather boa and sequined dress during a concert, Photo by Terry O'Neill, circa 1975.

Photographer Danial Sannwals shot Ysaunny Brito in a homage to Diana Ross and all things disco. Styled by Patti Wilson the shoot channels the legend in beautiful looks from Carven, Saint Laurent and Versace.

We think they did a decent job of it, however no one, and we do mean no one, can top the original diva herself. Diana Ross is everything. Here we ran the V editorial for you to enjoy but then we topped it off with some of our favourite Diana Ross shots. Honestly, we had to make ourselves stop. We could have posted pictures for hours. Cherie almost starts to cry over Diana's wardrobe whenever she sees too many Diana Ross shots at one time so we had to restrain ourselves! Enjoy!

Source: models.com




Photos by Daniel Sannwald, Model Ysaunny Brito, Styled by Patti WIlson, V Magazine Music Issue, 2014.


Credits Unknown.


Photos by Victor Skrebneski, 1977.


(L) 1960s. (R) Credit Unknown.


(L) Credit Unknown. (R) 1975.


(L) 1970s. (R) Ross with Stevie Wonder.


(L) 1975. (R) Germany, 1976.


Photo by Charles W Bush, 1974.


(L) Photo by Harry Langdon, 1976. (R) Credit Unknown.


Ross in Mahogany, 1975.


(L) Ross poses on the Croisette in Cannes, 1973. (R) Photo by Harry Langdon, 1974.


(L) Credit Unknown. (R) Interview Magazine, 1976.


Credits Unknown.


Credits Unknown.


(L) Photo by Charles W Bush, 1974. (R) Photo by George Hurrell.


(L) Photo by Michael Ochs, 1970. (R) Photo by Harry Langdon.


(L) Ross in Andre Courreges, 1966. (R) Photo by Willy Rizzo for Harper’s Bazaar,1973.


Credit Unknown.


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