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Once again Nathalie Atkinson, style editor at the National Post, and Cheryl Hickey, host of ET Canada and I weighed in on the best dresses and weirdest pantsuits of last night’s red carpet walk. It's one of the funnest nights of the year and we all tweet the event as well. Usually I am pretty nice but I think I was the overall meanie this year. Did I really diss Liza, Jared and Anna? Umm maybe a little.... I may be banned to fashion hell for it but it's all in good fun!

Enjoy this reprint of what went out in Monday's print edition of The National Post!


Anna Kendrick

Nathalie says  The girl next door is trying something new: Morticia Addams black, and wearing Angelina Jolie’s leg for the evening.
Cherie says  Absolutely hated it. It looked like three dresses sewn together to make one hot mess. Love her but that dress should never have happened. My least favourite of the night.
Cheryl says  I think that she was trying to make a statement in this dress, but it just fell flat. I don’t think she’ll be making any “hit” lists with this look.


Liza Minnelli

Nathalie says  Just a guess, but she probably voted for Blue Jasmine’s Cate Blanchett. But between Arrested Development and musical royalty, Liza with a Zee can wear whatever the hell she wants, including a cobalt blue satin pajama set and sensible shoes with matching hair slash.
Cherie says  Points gained for being the hair story of the red carpet. She is a living legend but it’s hard to get past how much she looks not like Liza. Not at all.
Cheryl says  Ms. Minnelli can really do no wrong, but she did last night. From the streak of blue in her hair to the matching cobalt blue outfit, it just wasn’t my cup of tea. She’s a living icon and legend, so I guess she can get away with it. Would we expect anything less?!


Cate Blanchett

Nathalie says  Blanchett’s new Giorgio Armani is too much, and too heavy and washes the stellar actress out. It’s overwhelming and blah all at once.
Cherie says  Kudos for Cate for acknowledging that the gown was heavy. Couture-embellished gowns are meant to be heavy and I love that Armani keeps proper couture alive. I think she looks regal as only Cate can.
Cheryl says  Cate Blanchett looked gorgeous in this stunning Armani Prive gown. Never one to shy away from a risky red carpet choice, she completely pulled it off and wore it with confidence and grace.


Michael B. Jordan

Nathalie says  Givenchy, head to toe, dressing more inventively (and memorably) than anyone else. From the collar studs to the metal plates on his oxfords.
Cherie says  Now this is red carpet dressing! I love everything about it from the Celine-esque metal-topped shoes to the unusual cut of the jacket. Red carpet hot.
Cheryl says  He’s young and fun and this really showed in his bold choice of shoes. With his career starting to take off I look forward to seeing how his red-carpet look will evolve throughout the years ahead.


Jared Leto

Nathalie says  Between the creamy tuxedo jacket, the tan, the bordeaux bow tie and the flowing auburn-tipped locks, my overall vibe here is Barry Gibb circa 1979. Not necessarily a bad thing.
Cherie says  I am so tired of the ombre hair. And the white suit with red bow tie prompted endless Jesus comparisons on Twitter. Just cut it off and sell it on eBay already.
Cheryl says  I was disappointed that Jared Leto didn’t shock us with a new hairdo, but he looked great in his crisp white blazer and red bow tie.


Calista Flockhart & Naomi Watts

Nathalie says  Everyone online loved Naomi Watts’ Calvin Klein Collection cap-sleeve but its optical white and so heavily encrusted, all-over, that it’s a bit unflatteringly thickening. The stiff cobweb cuff necklace from Bulgari is overkill, too. Ally McBeal to the rescue! Flockhart is the lesson in how to wear plain white this evening — with a bit of embroidery detailing but not too much, and the bright flash of Colombian green emeralds is a nice touch.
Cheri says  I was not overly wowed by either of them — I thought both too safe and wanted to put Naomi’s hair in an undo and comb out Calista’s. Both are classic and simple but lacked the pow I wanted to see on the red carpet.
Cheryl says  I enjoyed the detail on both dresses and thought they each wore their look well. Although they both played it safe, they looked fresh and elegant in their gowns.


Amy Adams

Nathalie says A sedate, strapless French navy with faux flap pockets that suggests she doesn’t think she’s going to win, and didn’t want to go too crazy.
Cherie says  She went for simplicity in Gucci and it is sophisticated and elegant. Fifty years from now it will still look timeless.
Cheryl says  This silhouette is a classic and total throwback to old Hollywood glamour. She looked sophisticated, but I wish that she had done more with her hair and accessories.


Lupita Nyong'o

Nathalie says  The shade of ice blue custom Prada recalls Grace Kelly’s gossamer gown in To Catch a Thief, but in a very modern, plunging update. With an open heart surgery gown like this, the twee headband, which I wish she’d left at home, is an odd choice — and got its own Twitter account almost immediately!
Cherie says  This is a near perfect copy of the 1975 Halston Oscar gown worn by Lauren Hutton. Despite that I still love it madly and Lupita is going to be on a lot of people’s best-dressed lists. Plus she has coined a new colour — Nairobi blue.
Cheryl says  Inspired by “Champagne bubbles,” Lupita looked exquisite in her custom-made Prada pastel blue gown. We’ve seen her in almost every colour this awards season and I was expecting her to hit us with a punch of colour, but this gown fit her well and was accessorized perfectly.

Reprinted in full from the National Post

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