Dry Shampoo Review

Posted by Reem
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If you don’t already use dry shampoo it might be the one thing missing from your beauty rotation. Today I review several dry shampoos and give you some of my favourite dry shampoo tips. This refreshing spray has saved me on days when I didn’t have the time to wash and style my hair but wanted to still look fresh. Time isn’t the only reason to avoid washing your hair every day. Shampooing every day can strip the hair of natural oils and leave it dull. Since 2000 B.C. there have been recorded accounts of Ancient Egyptians who used acidic juice to cleanse their hair and fats and oils to smooth their locks. So the battle to combat oiliness and fizziness has been raging on for centuries. Dry shampoo might seem like a fairly new product but it’s actually been around a lot longer than you might think. Watch the video and see for yourself.

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