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* We follow Lisa on instagram and adore everything about her. We knew she is a vintage girl and had an extensive collection but this NYTimes coverage of all things Lisa Perry, including that fabulous vintage closet is just to die! Can we come visit?

* Kate Garner was one of the lucky photograhers to capture the iconic Kate Moss as a teen back in 1990. Her mini-series of that shoot are now being exhibited at the Gallery ArtCube in Paris. Says Garner of that shoot: “Kate still hadn't broken through the battle line of the supermodels of that time. I wanted to show the glamour that we could see underneath the waif portrayal.”

* London’s Victoria and Albert Museum take an in-depth look at The Glamour of Italian Fashion. Three years in the making, the retrospective runs from April 5th to July 27th, 2014 and explores the historic transition from the end of World War II to the extravagance of the 50s “Sala Bianca” catwalk shows in Florence. Its one of the most anticipated shows of the year and we will definitely be covering it in depth. Make your plans to visit now!

* You know we are obsessed with Lauren Huttin and at 70 she is as much a babe as ever. So it is with delight that we share this interview from The Daily Front Row. Quips include this - her response on pressure to fix that now iconic tooth gap: "My agent Eileen Ford told me I had to fix it and that I had to get a nose job. I discovered mortician’s wax, which I would put between my teeth after I whitened it up with shoe polish. That worked."

Sources: Lisa Perry / Kate Moss / Italian Fashion / Lauren Hutton


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