Rihanna | Best Dressed on Vogue.com in Shrimpton Couture

Posted by Cherie
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Just two days ago on my instagram I posted a page from the March issue of Vogue that included Rihanna looking amazing in the vintage Christian Dior coat from Shrimpton Couture that she wore while jetting off to Brazil for a Vogue shoot. I thought that was to be the pinnacle of my month and my entire team went bananas. Rihanna is one of the most stylish and beautiful women of our era and to see her in vintage is thrilling. And I have to admit that it's even more thrilling to know it came from my shop.

Then last week I posted her again on our instagram as she kicked off the start of her week long birthday celebration and stepped out for a night out in LA in a 1980s Moschino Couture coat from Shrimpton Couture looking even more killer then she did in the Dior!

Vogue thought so as well - yesterday it was brought to my attention that Rihanna made the #1 spot on the Vogue.com 10 Best Dressed!

Rihanna we love you and think you are so talented and so beautiful. Of course it is thrilling to have you wear things from Shrimpton and be photoed in them. We love to get that little bit of a boost and that little bit of "stardust" that comes from it. But on a personal note, it makes me the most happy to know that out of the zillion pieces that I am sure are given to you or shown to you every day you wore vintage pieces out in your personal life just because you loved them. It really says something about you and I deeply respect that! I love that you love vintage!

Thank you for making vintage looks so damn good!


Photos courtesy of Rihanna's Instagram Vogue.com and Xposurephotos.


Rihanna was the number one best dressed on vogue.com!


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