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David Rosenzweig and Nancy Doll are one of those exciting, vital couples who make their relationship work in style. He is a clothing merchandiser and she is a top fashion model. Fashion, with an emphasis on funky and livable, is obviously very important to both: designs from Pinky and Dianne take up most of the room in their closets.

Valentine's Day always seems to bring a flurry of articles about 'romantic' dressing, which generally seems to veer toward the frilly or the overtly sexy. While those styles definitely have their place, this story from Viva, January 1979, looks at effortlessly cool couples whose individual personal styles complimented and enhanced each other. From the current industry obsession with street style, these couples have a uniqueness that transcends the intervening thirty-five years. All were styled using their own clothes by then-fashion director Anna Wintour and photographed by Jean Pagliuso.

And it's no surprise to anyone that Jacques Malignon (famous New York City/Paris photographer) and Lisa Vale (a brand-new, red-hot model) have synchronized their heartbeats and now live together. They first met, as you might surmise, on the job. Claude Montana (of Halles-Capone in Paris) label designs are Jacques's fashion favorites. Lisa, who hails from Pennsylvania, fancies Levi's worn with Jacques's shirts. He doesn't mind a bit, he told us.


June Kanai and her husband, Kiyoshi Kanai, have one of those enviable romantic collaborations based on common interests, tastes, and career perspectives. June is a fashion representative, principally for Issey Miyake, top Japanese designer, and Kiyoski is a talented, in-demand graphic designer. Their mutual style choices are definitely centered around Issey's creations.


The Marquis Anthony de Portago and Geraldine Von Hessberg are a more casually coupled pair. Geraldine's nation-hopping life-style (she was born in Germany, went to school in Switzerland, then lived in France) has convinced her to settle for the nonce in New York, where she is initiating a career as a T-shirt designer. Anthony, a native New Yorker, plans to ranch and farm some land he's just purchased in New Mexico. Pure Yves Saint Laurent is what this couple wears.


Stan Peskett and Nancy Thomason are very close friends who enjoy a totally free-flowing and eclectic life-style. Stan, who began as a fine-arts artist, has most recently applied his art to a new underground-music production called Zu; Nancy is involved in TV modeling and acting. Both like style from Unique Clothing Warehouse in New York City and thrift/antique stores everywhere.


Dirk Wittenborn and Patti Oja are always having a good time together. Patti, one of the New York models, is currently studying illustration at Parsons School of Design and plans to develop a career in commercial art. Dirk, a gifted author who's written for all the very best magazines, is presently at work on a novel and some TV scripts for NBC. He's wearing her Annie Walwyn Jones robe; she's wearing his antique robe from a Paris flea market.

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