‘Femme Universelle’ in Vogue Germany

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Anita Berber is again the subject of inspiration for an editorial. You may remember that back in the fall Another Magazine styled Cate Blanchett as the avant garde flapper as well. This time, it is model Kaitlin Aas who plays the rebellious Berber. Where the Blanchett editorial was smoky and sensual, this time photographer Giampaolo Sgura focuses more on the night life of a girl like Anita during the heady and decadent twenties. Showcasing evening and boudoir looks, Kaitlin smolders as a modern day Anita fully living it up within the gilded cage of her notorious fame.

Photographer: Model: Stylist: Makeup: Hair:

All Photos above: Photographer:Giampaolo Sgura. Model: Katlin Aas.Vogue Germany, February 2014.


(L) Anita Berber, Photo by Madame d'Ora, 1920. (R) Anita and Sebastian Droste.


(L) Berber in "Cocaine," Photo by Madame d’Ora, 1922. (R) Anita Berber, Photo by Madame d’Ora, 1921.


(L) Anita Berber, 1922. (R) Credit Unknown.


(L) Photo by Atelier Ebert, Berlin. (R) Credit Unknown.


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