12 Days of Supers | Kate Moss

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Kate Moss was just fourteen years old when she was spotted in a busy airport by an eagle-eyed scout. Her face was singular; she moved with a knowing finesse unusual for her tender age. The only hitch was a small frame. At 5’7”, she paled alongside the glamazons of the era. But she was still young, her agents reasoned; surely, she had an inch or two to go. It was not her stature that took off. Kate Moss has worked steadily for twenty-five years to defy all the impossible standards of an industry based on transience and become one of the most iconic models that ever lived. She has served as muse to designers, street style star and generational icon. The modern age’s Helen of Troy, she has survived fashions fickle nature by simply being good at her job. She knows how to pose, an irresistible game of cat and mouse. Her pert strawberry lips stand ready to pluck while her wide set sultry eyes stalk the lens with the avidity of a puma. Moreover, Moss knows how to wear a dress. Garments fall around her body – not the other way around – and she charges them with purpose and a story. Suddenly a fringed velvet vest is all the dress you ever needed. The face that launched a thousand trends.

Kate Moss came of age in the dawn of the Information Age, and ever the sphinx, she has played her cards right. The wild child who lives life to the fullest has embraced the Greta Garbo School of celebrity, and it has worked to her advantage. She always keeps us wanting more. Who else could revamp the Playboy brand to celebrate their 60th anniversary? Her spread was a return to the sophisticated panache of the magazine’s heyday, sultry sex with just the right amount of kink. What a Christmas treat for all. To The Partridge in a Pear Tree, the indelible Kate Moss.






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