The Power Suit

Posted by Reem
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In the 1920s women ditched the constrictions of the corset and opted for tailored suits. Years later, known as the “power suit,” this strong ensemble is an attention grabbing runway staple and editorial wonder. The term, “power suit,” was coined in the 1980s but the two-piece women’s suit long predated the masculine relaxed-fit dress pants and shoulder pads of that decade. A good suit commands attention, leaves an impression and establishes a sense of authority. The most regal of women are known for their impeccable suits, from Coco Chanel’s “garçonne look” of the 1920s, to Jacqueline Kennedy, to Princess Diana of Wales. If you’re still unconvinced that a suit can cement a woman’s iconic status, scroll the photos through the decades and feel the empowerment.

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