12 Days of Supers | Veruschka

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She strut onto the scene with the prowess of a jungle cat. Five minutes of writhing for the camera in Michaelangelo Antonioni’s Blow Up and she was an instant star. She certainly had the pedigree for the role – blue blood and steely reserve running through her veins. Her father was a German count and central figure in the German Resistance. After a failed assassination attempt on Adolft Hitler, he was captured and executed. The family spent the rest of the war in labor camps. So Veruschka evolved as more than a fierce moniker, but the persona of a relentless survivor, as devastating in her determination than in her beauty. The svelte brawn of the 6 ft. German golden goddess redefined standards of the day through the inventive shoots she dreamt up alongside photographer Franco Rubartelli. Her sinewy limbs moved as if joint-less, from seaside to desert to wintery landscape. Five Golden Rings of yellow braids framing the perfect visage of the stunning Veruschka.






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