The Chanel Bag

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With the recent craze created by a slew of "it" Chanel nags, Vogue.com took a look back at 50 years of the iconic 2.55 and who's been photoed while out and about with it. "The bag was first dreamed up by Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel in the early 1920s when, ever-practical and tired of having to carry her bag in her hands, the designer took inspiration from soldiers’ packs and incorporated an extended strap into her own carryall. After World War II, she launched the quilted bag in earnest, in February 1955 putting a long, chain strap model forth (hence the name) and captivating women ever since." Just about anyone who is everyone has had one and it has become one of those forever classics. It has been issued in just about every color and fabric under the rainbow and seems to be forever re-invented yet always timeless. Do you have one yet? Is this a must have for you?

Source: Vogue



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