Flapper Fashion in the Time of Prohibition

Posted by Reem
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Of the most fashionable women of decades past, the flapper remains among the most iconic. The imagery of a well-bobbed woman in a beaded, playfully fringed mini-dress, doing the Charleston comes to mind, but the decade was a time of great societal shift. Friday marked the 80th anniversary of the repeal of prohibition. In 1919, the American government barred the making, sale and consumption of alcohol. Thus creating an underground party scene that gave way to a revolution in lifestyle and fashion, leading to the dawn of cocktail party wear as well as social drinking culture. The Speakeasy was born at this time, establishments that illegally sold alcohol filled with stylish people about town, unwinding after a long day’s work. This decade saw the beginnings of youth culture derived from political shift. Women voted for the first time, obtained white-collar jobs and redefined sexuality for generations to come. The influence from this time period can still be seen today and oft the modern interpretations are really almost replicas made anew. As you scroll down the photos see if you can tell when the originals turn into the modern.

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