Fashion in Film

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A good film leaves you thinking about the story you just watched unfold, a great film leaves you wanting to emulate the style, the philosophy, the aesthetic of the film in some way or another. Film and theatre have been at the forefront of fashion trends since the early1900s. Characters from past decades continue to inspire designers, artists and, fans alike. “You can be anything as long as you dress for it,” said legendary costume designer Edith Head. Head would be the authority on creating a character through costume, so real that the fantasy of their aesthetic takes on a life of its own. The timeless style of Holly Golightly will forever inspire fashion lovers. Images of young, beautiful Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra will remain iconic. As famous as the stories and the starlets of the golden days, are the dresses in which they lived out their most glorious on-screen moments. Here are some iconic looks from films past to get your outfit inspiration flowing.

Above: Edith Head & Her Sketches

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