David Crystal Fall 1952

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Jessica Hastings is the girl behind myvintagevogue.com, an online fashion resource that has garnered her a huge following. We are very pleased to have her here twice a month sharing exclusive images she will source for us through her ever expanding collection of historical fashion images. We never know just what she will find and are excited to watch and see!

These eight dresses are an examples of a mid-century winter wardrobe by David Crystal. Here in Los Angeles most of us are wearing jeans, sweaters and boots during the colder months but that is not how women dressed for winter in 1952. Can you image getting up on a cold morning and choosing something so lovely and yet so impractical? I don't know about you, but as much as I love vintage fashion when it's cold outside a dress is last thing on my mind. That said there are times I wish women still took the time to look this stylish every day even in winter.


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