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Kara has been a long time supporter of Shrimpton Couture and I was so sad not to be able to attend her opening. It's a big deal to make the jump from selling to wholesalers and retailers to taking on your own space! Kara has been running her business for ten years now and I think she is amazing. She is gracious, gorgeous and funny. She stands passionately behind her business and really has a hand in every single bit of what she does! Oh and she loves vintage and has worn pieces from Shrimpton Couture on numerous occasions - so she is obviously a women of the highest of taste *wink* .

Even though I could not be there I asked that she send over a bit about the shop and we also wanted to share some pictures from the opening. The beautiful Debra Messing, a huge jewellery fan, made an appearance and added a little Hollywood star power to the night. How annoyed was I to see two of my favorite instagram people in the same spot and me not there? Immensely is the correct answer!

Kara, from myself and the entire team, we congratulate you and know this is just the first of many shops to come! You are such a talent and we love you!

Kara Ross New York, the luxury accessories company known for its bold and unique designs, will unveil the company’s first standalone boutique this fall in New York City. Located at Madison Avenue and 60th Street in the heart of Manhattan’s chic Upper East Side neighborhood where the company was founded ten years ago, the space will be designed by celebrated designer Tony Ingrao, combining modern and natural elements for which the Kara Ross brand is renowned. The boutique has been specially crafted to create an ideal backdrop for Kara’s exquisite designs, and debuting Kara Ross’s stunning Petra Collection, her new stunning precious jewelry collection.

“I am thrilled to open our first boutique and present our clientele with Kara Ross NY by offering all of our collections in one place in an environment which embodies the heart and soul of the brand. The boutique will offer our clients an opportunity to further engage with our brand and explore everything from precious jewelry, exotic skinned handbags, to our gorgeous collection of gemstone pieces,” said Kara Ross. “The inspiration for the space in many ways reflects my style and use of mixed and unexpected materials,” Kara commented further on the design.

Featuring a warm, neutral palette, rich with texture and shining metal accents, the boutique stays true to Kara Ross’ love for unexpected and luxurious materials such as exotic leathers, wood, cork, mother of pearl and other natural elements which are often seen in her exquisite jewelry and handbag creations. Visitors to the boutique will be immediately greeted by an illuminated storefront featuring a banner of delicately etched glass bearing the signature Kara Ross moniker, as well as by a large window providing a glimpse into the sparkling boutique. Much like a jewelry box, the boutique’s creamy color scheme servers as a soft backdrop for the jewelry and handbags displayed inside. Antique nickel mirrors have also been incorporated into the design to accentuate the sparkle and brilliance of the gemstone pieces on display in the store, while tone on tone neutral-colored lacquer and lucite details add an additional layer of texture while also highlighting Ross’ distinctive designs.

From statement cocktail rings and pendant necklaces, to evening clutches and stacks of bracelets, Kara’s striking creations are truly the decorative focal point of the boutique. Displayed in glass cases throughout the space, with light reflecting off the stones, colors and textures, customers will truly be immersed in the Kara Ross aesthetic. In the center of the store there will also be a table crafted of mother of pearl and equipped with seating which will act as a place for customers to sit and enjoy while experiencing Kara’s accessories.

A certified gemologist, Kara Ross founded Kara Ross NY in 2003 with the vision to create jewelry that has character and imagination. Kara Ross NY debuted with a gorgeous Fine Jewelry Collection, and since that time the company has rapidly grown to include the handbag, boutique, and gemstone collections. Inspired by alternative materials like jet, lava, wood, and titanium, Kara’s love of these unique materials and colored stones manifests in their frequent use in both jewelry and handbags. The opening of the first boutique for Kara Ross New York is of particular importance this year as the brand celebrates its 10th anniversary and has introduced the first full collection of Fine Jewelry, the Petra Collection, in five years.

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