Niki de Saint Phalle VS Delfina Delettrez

Posted by Maria
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Yesterday’s saunter through the blogosphere’s daily offering brought our attention to the charming jewelry designs of Niki de Saint Phalle. The French artist, who resurrected strains of surrealism in her investigation of the role of women in society through the female body, was prolific in her range of mediums. A successful fashion model in her youth, de Saint Phalle, would explore commercial femininity throughout her career, most famously through her perfume bottles. She came to jewelry design in the early 1970’s, designing alongside other contemporary artists under the Gem Montebello label.

A captivating image pulled from the pages of Vogue Italia (shown above) showcases the brilliance of her whimsical jewels: simplicity offset by wit. A raven-haired beauty’s chocolate eyes and crimson lips are mirrored by cleverly placed pendants, her distorted features displaced onto her bare chest. The chunky eyes and lips of her surrealist necklace will look familiar to the modern jewelry enthusiast; they are strikingly similar to the designs of fashion darling Delfina Delettrez. A scion of the legendary Fendi family, Delettrez has made no secret of her love all things vintage. Her Style Map contributor’s page reads like a treasure map of Rome’s secret vintage resources. Perhaps, on one of her recent exploratory trips, she was captivated by the coolness of de Saint Phalle’s pieces and moved to revive the cartoon eyeballs for today’s girl? As they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.


*For Delfina Delettrez’s tips on vintage shopping in Rome, visit her Style Map page.

**For more reading on the history of art and jewelry design, we suggest Bijoux d’Artists: De Picasso à Jeff Koons by Diane Venet.


Thank you to the blog Irenebrination for the enlightening post that put this on our radar- click here to see.

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