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* With All things Schiaparelli fetching sky high (and boy do we mean high high high) prices these days. its perfect timing for 70s Supermodel and granddaighter of Elsa to hold an auction of her chic grandmother's things. “I would come in and she would be in her bed, with all these heart-shaped, shocking pink pillows,” the actress Marisa Berenson said about her grandmother Elsa Schiaparelli, the great couturier of the 1930s. “She had beautiful skin and beautiful shoulders and sexy nighties that were all embroidered". A trove of clothes and furniture once owned by Schiap, as the designer was known, are to go on sale at Christie’s in Paris on Jan. 23, during the haute couture season. Many pieces will be displayed from Dec. 6 to 20 in the auction house’s New York headquarters at Rockefeller Center. Satrt saving your pennies now, though if recent auctions are any indications you may as well just start stocking thousand dollar bills aside for this one!

*Though not technically about vintage fashion - it would have def been a place where the fashionable would have went during those hot summer nights. Into The Gloss covers the closing of this Long Island City landmark - 5Pointz.

* The Telegraph did a bang up job on this write up celebrating the new book on Jean Patou "A Fashionable Life". We love this excerpt: " Determined to produce an "architecture" that flattered the female form, Patou raised the waist so that it fell at the slimmest part of the body, and lengthened hemlines. Day dresses now covered the calf, while evening gowns trailed along the floor. The result was a long, fluid silhouette to emphasise height and slenderness. When it was shown later that year, Patou's right-hand man, Georges Bernard, couldn't help crowing. "All the women are squirming about in their chairs tugging at their skirts," he said. "Already they feel démodées!" You can bet this is on our reading list!

* Pierre Cardin showed a collection on the runway for the first time since 1996. Though it did not cause a huge stir we are always happy to have a little more Cardin in our lives!

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