All Hail Vivienne Westwood

Posted by Reem
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Vogue has announced that Dame Vivienne Westwood will pen a memoir along with famed biographer, Ian Kelly. The outspoken designer built her empire from the underground up. In 1970, along with Sex Pistols manager and her then-partner Malcolm McLaren, Westwood started out by taking inspiration from fetishist and prostitutes and creating edgy looks for the London punk scene and rock stars. She is hailed for bringing such fashion to the mainstream and her influence is still seen in the works of designers now and then. Years later, she would create some of the most iconic wedding dresses of the 2000s (Carrie’s dress from the Sex and the City movie, and Dita Von Teese’s striking purple wedding dress, to name a few). The 72-year-old icon continues to create fashion and pop-culture hits. She has managed to remain culturally relevant throughout the years and continues to be a pioneer in the fashion world and beyond.

While her vast sum of work could never be properly presented here, these are some of my favourite pictures of both her and her work over the years.

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