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* Honestly if we hadn't heard this from Bruce Weber as the source we would have said this was a made up story. But apparently even the nice supermodels can have a bad day. Ms Crawford was a bit rude and was fired by Mr Weber her says. We think it is just that time like on an American Next Top Model - you know, there is the one girl you know is going to win but its too early so she has to do something bad, be reprimanded and then change her attitude and go on to win it all. It must have been planned right?

* One of our favorite vintage people, Miss Peelpants, aka Liz, girl behind the Vintage-A-Peel website, got the unexpected surprise that her query sent out tot he internet - just who is David Silverman - was answered. Turns out he was a dad besides a designer and his son filled her in on hid life, short as it was. Link below to pop over to her site to read the rest.

* While a homage is a often a fabulous thing, we are frankly on the fence about Harper's Bazaar Australia's decision to style Nicole Kidman in such a way that it is pretty much a copy of the Kate Moss US cover. She looks damn good though, we do give her that. In fact we can say that about big Nicole and little Nicole - the poor wee version trapped int he glass globe. OK that part is a little creepy.

* The New York location of the vintage store What Goes Around Comes Around is celebrating their 20th year this month and had a soiree to mark the occasion. In just 5 more years the will be "officially" vintage. How times flies! Way to go guys!

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